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A Comprehensive Guide to Valbona Single Pattress Boxes

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When it comes to electrical installations, choosing the right pattress box is crucial. These surface-mounted wall boxes house wiring and connections for electrical accessories such as light switches and plug sockets. Valbona, a trusted name in electrical solutions, offers a range of single pattress boxes that combine functionality with durability. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Valbona single pattress boxes.

Understanding Pattress Boxes

  1. Metal In-Wall Pattress Boxes:
    • Ideal for brick, masonry, and hard wall installations.
    • Made of galvanized steel.
    • Installed directly into the wall, with the switch or socket fitting snugly inside.
    • Available in both 1-gang (single width) and 2-gang (double width) configurations.
    • Depth options range from 25mm to 47mm.
    • Most commonly used depth is 35mm, suitable for standard switches and sockets.
    • Specialized devices like shaver sockets may require a deeper 47mm box.
    • Note that dimmer switches have specific requirements; some models function optimally in a 16mm depth to facilitate better cooling and increase their lifespan.
  2. Plasterboard Socket Boxes:
    • Specifically designed for drywall or cavity installations.
    • Available in both 1-gang and 2-gang configurations.
    • Depths limited to 35mm or 47mm.
    • Feature two yellow clips that hold the plastic enclosure in place.
    • Ensures a professional and clean installation on plasterboard walls.
  3. White Plastic Surface-Mounted Pattress Boxes:
    • Used when internal mounting is not possible due to wall constraints.
    • Surface-mounted for easy installation.
    • Provides a secure enclosure for switches and sockets.
    • Suitable for various wall types.

Installation Tips

  • Always hire a qualified electrician for switch and socket installation.
  • Position the pattress box at a convenient height for easy access.
  • Regularly inspect switches and sockets for wear, cracks, or loose connections.
  • Clean the surface-mounted boxes gently using a dry cloth to maintain their appearance.

Where to Find Valbona Single Pattress Boxes

  • Visit the Valbona website to explore their range of electrical accessories.
  • Valbona ensures quality, safety, and reliability in all their products.

Remember, a well-chosen pattress box ensures not only functionality but also contributes to the overall aesthetics of your space. Choose Valbona for a smarter, safer electrical installation